2010年12月7日 星期二

The leaves

leaves, greenish and silver color leaves
keep my simple style
add some beads, different length, make it more unique

2010年12月5日 星期日

cross earring

i quite love the cross accessory
only one cross, two straight line, but still have so many styles
it can make with different color beads, can have different feeling
i personally love the light blue one, vigorous, brightly and young
"young" is the most feeling from my works
it's my style and my weak point
i always wanna make some "elegant" accessory
but final will be some "too-young", "naive" accessory
i need to be change, not my style, is my thinking

2010年12月4日 星期六


a beautiful, lovey, sweet squirrel
i meet him in mk, only cost $48
so real, and his hair is so soft (but the body is hard)
love him so much~

2010年11月27日 星期六

Faithfully works

may be it seems to be a cheap necklace
but it is easily to wear with T-shirt
just keep it straight to my style

2010年11月23日 星期二

Simple is the best

this bracelet is made few days before
so simple, but very cute and pretty

typing "simple", let me remember the newspaper said
"KISS" means keep it simple and short???
that means no bullshit, say it straight, idiot
haha~ don't talking with the foreigner, don't know the trend of the words

2010年11月20日 星期六

Visiting shing mun valley

i went to shing mun valley with fai last week
there is a big park in Tsuen wan, near shek wai kwok
the park is so beautiful, there is around the amazing flower
have the pool, down slope road, have so many different brand of flower and tree
i like the flower in the last photo, just a small flower, blue and white
like a butterfly, gentle color, attractive as a non-reality flower

2010年11月19日 星期五

The feeling in PY

started the practice in PY four days
just feel some none-touchable stress in my mind at the begining
it let me remember mei fung, who is my classmate of TSA and worked in hospital before
however, she resign because she get the weight lost so much
and i now feel i am in same condition
because i will compare the work in PY and TMH
think i have more experience, i can do much better than others
at the first few days, i just get my intake amount is lower than normal days, even i used so much energy
and i feel something is not satisfy in my heart
i still cannot be a spongy to absorb more water
it is difficult to suit a new environment?

today, i feel much better
because i take up the case back from OT
actually, i only go to OT with EN once , just for send out pt
but the ic let me to take back the case alone
i feel more confidence and know they think i can afford this
so it make me feel so glad
keep cont' ~~~HAHA~

2010年11月5日 星期五

Handmade japanese feeling coin purse

the cloth was bought from taipei
when i was seeing this cloth, i already though to make a coin purse
a japanese style ...
good texture...
quite sucessful diy thing
i have already make four coin purse
but i was not satisfy for my sawing technic
this time is already i feel i can bring it to the street

2010年10月29日 星期五

the clothing box

this is the second clothing box i made
its' outlook is more classic feel, my sister also like it
but it is only one because i used all this type of cloth already
this cloth i bought from taipei
may be i will try to find the same pattern cloth in sam siu po later

2010年10月22日 星期五

My birthday gift

Yesterday is my birthday, with the typhoon signal no 3
fear of the coming typhoon, fai celebrate my birthday on the previous day
and he bought the purse for me

this purse i had already seen before
my sister introduce this and we are both loving it
it's glad that fai remember what i love, i also show this purse for him in the shop
the next month will be his birthday
i have to think about it, it seems he doesn't like small thing
i only know he wanna buy a mobile phone of motalora
...............but it is so expensive...........

2010年10月16日 星期六

Flower brooch

i already made this brooch a long time
quite nice, use it for holding the neckerchief
and sometime for decorating the clothes

2010年10月5日 星期二

The last day @ TMH

It's great~
they gave me a very well farewell party
cannot say to be a farewell party, but i get lots gift from the staff
fong e buy a bunch of flower, red and pink rose
siu fan buy the KFC as lunch for us
the nurse and other staff buy a schedule (a cassette outlook)
and a memory stick (nurse outlook) ( i belive they are bought by man ki)
yee wan make a little bag
they gave me so much things, it is so touching my mind
hope they will ok without me and poon poon pang pang can get out from there
it is busier and busier in TMH

2010年9月24日 星期五

Taipei trip

i went to Taipei for 4 days 3 nights
curiously, we didn't eat too much, because we always are eating
we are not hungry as we go to the night street
we just eat the famous large chicken piece
and i focus to buy the cloth and go to some cutie store
there is the beatiful cafe, all the cakes have amazing look, althought the taste is not good, just okay
the decoration of the cafe is also keep my mind

2010年9月18日 星期六

Handmade box

i have used some hard paper to made the box covered by the cloth
surely with my favourite lace attaching on it

i will make another one later
also, i want to diy somethings as gift to my collegue

i get the HA Enrolled nurse

Congratulation ~
i have received the letter of information to be the HA EN
and i will start my studying at 4th October, very soon day
i resigned TSA in the following day, and get the bess from the collegues
i felt the collegues are happy for me, but sad for themselves
the number of staff is getting fewer and fewer, the work is harder and harder
it is really down in feeling when knowing the helping hands are fewer
hope they can have a better way to go
i love this picture, for the illustrated story, "Alice in the wonder world" is what i like most
i like the look of alice, the rabbit, the amazing world..........

2010年9月4日 星期六

Handmade button rubber band

i am enjoy to make this little things
not need too much time, but lovely
seems i make too many, must be stop for a little while

2010年9月1日 星期三

EN interviews are over

HA and welfare EN courses are both attented the interview, the days of waiting the inform are so hard.
hope the news is coming soon, and i can resign that place
it is really more difficult and details to do in the hospital compare to the past
more protection of the confidence, more rights to the patient........ be more careful of us
is it really good to be a nurse? not good, but better than as a TSA
to have a change, a new start, cannot stay at the same place one more year
again, good luck of myself

2010年8月26日 星期四



2010年8月25日 星期三

悼念~ 馬尼拉的悲痛

改善他們的社會 , 對生命更加珍惜


2010年8月19日 星期四

No sleeping

i have to count how many hours i slept thesse two days
17/8 17:00 i wake up and prepare for my night shift duty
18/8 7:30 - 10:30 slept on the bus and slept at home (2 hours)
10:30 - 17:30 went to interview of EN
17:30 - 18:30 slept at home (1 hour)
18:30 - 07:00 work the double night shift duty
19/8 07:00 - 09:00 slept in the staff resting room in hospital (2 hours)
09:00 - 14:00 did the passport replacement
14:00 - 17:00 sleeping (3 hours)
TOTAL 48 hours - i sleep 8 hours

i am going to be a panda, will i lovely as my cat's look

he is staring at me

2010年8月13日 星期五


Another little things i made
just connect different blue beads togther, lovely and simple
seems i have so many blue beads compare to other colour
but the blue beads is really more beautiful
actually, i love the green more than the blue

2010年8月10日 星期二

Enrolled nurse interview

Oh~ i knew mandy get the enrolled nurse offer from OU yesterday
today, i receive the email that i have been arranged the exam and interview from HA
the day for interview is the sleeping day, good luck, not need to worry the leave
the interview is arranged on next week, it is not much time
i have to prepare the interview, why are you want to be nurse, something like that, is the most common question
i'm so excited, i want to leave so much
as mandy can leave, i don't want to stay here
stay long, the nurse always ask why i am here, wasting the degree holder
actually, if i work in the office, i though the salary is much lower than this moment
but it is really hard load job, very tired every day
i don't know what will be next, but i'm better escape from now situation
the path of nursing is so long, don't know is it suitable for me, but it must be better than stay at the same place
GOOD LUCK for myself~

2010年8月9日 星期一


以前不太看雜誌, 別人買了就借來看看
直至現在開始工作了, 雜誌反而看多了, 因為這是忙裡偷閒的必須品
一開始會買些日本雜誌, 看著漂亮的東西人都高興起來, 我就是典型天秤座嘛
之後, 跟著別人的話題, 也開始會看八卦雜誌, 不過這不對我的味
我本來就是一個對人漠不關心的人, 看一些不認識的人的私事根本沒有意思
這次, 買了最新一期CosmoGirl, 發覺實屬不錯
裡頭的Joven's note 令人深深感受到人的智慧, 生命中的哲思
比起其他雜誌起來, 這本有深度很多
特別是出來工作以後, 突然覺得人需要想多點, 要需要反思自己人生的路向
讀書的時候, 要我想"我的志願", 我也答不出甚麼
只是一勁兒努力的溫習, 為了甚麼? 我也不知道, 或是很敷衍回答是為了將來
出來工作了, 有了一份剛好過萬的工作
但是過了一年, 還是一樣, 自己不禁會想, 這樣一直下去好嗎?
想改變, 又不知如何改變, 令自己開始回想自己的過去, 認真地想清楚自己的未來去向
努力工作, 做個女強人?? 不, 我想每天做著自己喜歡的事, 不過我也不是不切實際的人
一邊工作, 一邊空餘時搞搞小手作, 已令我幸福不已
那不就和現在一樣? 唔.............矛盾也..........

這是我最新的小手作, lace蝴蝶結頭飾~

2010年8月3日 星期二


相信也有很多人迷上, 見很多格仔舖都有布包鈕頭飾這類的小手作
工具簡單, 成本便宜是這布包鈕興起的原因
但像我這類後知後覺的人, 大家應該體會到吉之島$10店已經買不到工具了
多數都售罄了, 或是只餘下38mm 的特大號

這篇blog 會教大家就算沒有工具都可以做布包鈕
首先, 你只需要有布包鈕胚和布就可以了

布包鈕胚我是在深水涉買的, 請先做好功課知道哪裡有售, 不然就會白行的了
我是在"精華鈕扣有限公司"買的, 可散賣, $1/set
不然就要一千咁買, 不過便宜多了, 佰多元就有一千set
我買的是銻面膠底, 25mm = 40號size

剪一塊圓布, 圍圓縫線

如果沒有25mm的工具, 建議大家用....................

哈哈~ 中間的空心位剛剛好, 柱身又大, 易按壓, 實屬不錯


承重力測試, 區區吊起一個線騼絕無問題

本人買了成千個布包鈕胚, 做也做不完
如果有人想買布包鈕胚, 但又不想成千咁買, 可以聯絡我
我賣$0.5/set, 比在店散買還便宜
有興趣請email 比我: alpha_lys@yahoo.com.hk