2010年6月28日 星期一

Wood & Handmade

i went to 吉之島 ten-dollar-shop last friday
bought some cutie things
i like the ten-dollar-shop so much
it always brings me the surprise
have many cheap and nice little things
i have buy four wood roller for tidy up the lace, ribbon

and i also bought a wood box
not specific to store any thing
just think it is fix the "handmade" concept
use it to shot the photo as the background

2010年6月22日 星期二

pearl flower bracelet

i wanna make another beaded crochet at the begining
however, the bead is too small and it is difficult to crochet them
so i change the design to the product just now
it is still good to the color
it looks more beautiful when it was worn on the hand


i have no friends, only have colleague, that's all
i will not receive any phone call from the people i know, except my boyfriend
"classmates" this term is already a past vocabulary
no invitation during the festival, that is my life
a big wrong choice will make you lost all the friends

it is really very lonely during festival
and today i feel it again
one of the university classmate get married
i am looking forward to go to see the wedding and give them my bless
but just the two days before the wedding
i get notice i cannot get the invitation, only invite my boyfriend, also my classmate
i have already thought what i dress, what i wear
want to buy a new shoe today
but they didn't invite me
they forget me? hate me? fear of me?..................
i want to see them to know what they think
but i don't have any opportunity to meet them
my boyfriend still told me to be happy that i don't need to pay the money
he didn't say anything
i just want to know is it his decision and is it my classmates together decision to not let me meet them
embarrassing to see me?
feel so sad............... no words can express this feeling

2010年6月21日 星期一

Allison Harvard

may be it is already a history, but i still miss her
she is Allison Harvard, a contestant in America's Next Top Model cycle 12
having a lovely big eyes, curious girl
i can't understand why she cannot win
she has talent, beautiful, showing great improvement in the finale runway
but she only got the second

this is the best photo she taken in the completition
the theme behind the photo is "Bird"
prefect face, amazing post, fit the topic, have a delicate and touching look

and she still done well after the completition
this is the photo she taken in Nous Models Management in Los Angeles
i love her, although she go back to school instead of modelling
i am looking forward to her future, hope to see more photo of her

2010年6月19日 星期六

Black and White necklace

this is my old work
simple and nice, love to wear it with a pretty dress

2010年6月15日 星期二

The cats in my home

i have two cats

this is the younger cat, fear of stranger
too shame, no balls cat

this is the older cat, but just dead about few months, miss him forever

these two picture are the most good taking photo about them
they are active, always moving
difficult to catch them in photo
these photos is choosen from one out of hundred
love them so much~~~

2010年6月13日 星期日

crochet things

crochet with bead is such a difficult thing
quite time wasting
sometime, i also just crochet some little thing

Flower is the most easy and multiform
and i make this headpiece
the same pattern but different size of cotton

Cup mat
i am quite pround of this work
actually, i have no pattern about this work
and i just see the magazine, and love it
then try to corchet by my own way
and it work!!! so nice

2010年6月12日 星期六

My works

i have been talked about how to mix the beaded work with the crochet skill.
actually, i have learnt this just a short time
and just have two handmade things using this skill

this is my first beaded crochet work
i wanna make a bracelet at first, however i have not prepare enough bead
and just change the design and become this

this is my second work, a bracelet
it uses smaller bead, so that it's not very thick
i am so satisfy of those works

2010年6月7日 星期一

Tutorial for beaded crochet jewelry

因為我自己都不是那樣正宗的拿法, 沒所謂啦
總之把繩繞至圓圖裡一樣, 勾住毛線串過並拉緊, 就成為頭結了

( 頭結完成圖 )
這是最最基礎的勾織, 繞著毛線串過就是了
基本上只是多了粒珠, 一樣勾法罷了
因為很難自己一邊勾, 一邊拿相機照自己, 兩隻手都在用嘛
所以找了日本雜誌 <<Beads Bee 09Vol.24>> 裡的圖作資源
以上的雜誌很不錯, 圖文並茂, 只可惜我不懂日文, 所以學不懂
首先需要串珠, 我覺得最花時間的地方
分了A組及B, 大概就是這樣的排序
太少珠就可能見到條線, 多的話就不貼服大珠了
小珠最好買 6/0 , 個洞比較大
我自己的方法是找條幼鐵線, 對接, 對接處串過線, 散口位串珠仔

AB組重複串30, 有多好過最後才來唔夠勾
串好咁多珠後, 留返10cm 就可以勾個頭結 (2)
掃第一組珠近個結 (假設是A), 勾鎖針
和這圖一樣, 只是掃多幾粒珠再勾罷了
勾完上述, 再勾一個沒有珠的鎖針
之後再掃第二組珠來(B), 勾鎖針, 之後再勾一次無珠的鎖針
把勾針串回A, 把勾針卡在大珠和小珠間 (7)

 好像這幅圖一樣, 針卡在大珠和小珠間, 上述的圖大珠和小珠排列倒轉了, 不過都一樣意思喇
卡好位後, 掃第二排 A組珠來 (叫A2組), 一樣是勾鎖針, 之後再多勾一個沒有珠的鎖針
之後把勾針串回B, 把勾針卡在大珠和小珠間
卡好位後, 掃第二排 B組珠來 (叫B2組), 一樣是勾鎖針, 之後再多勾一個沒有珠的鎖針
勾針串回A2, 把勾針卡在大珠和小珠間
卡好位後, 掃第三排 A組珠來 (叫A3組), 一樣是勾鎖針, 之後再多勾一個沒有珠的鎖針
一直勾, 勾到你想要的長度啦~~~

some picture cannot see the whole size
the tutorial can see in the website

my E-shop ~ UNI DIY ~

i have openned my website for selling the handmade jewelry and little things.
the name of it is UNI DIY
the website is www.uni-diy.com

i wanna to gather the people who also diy the things. (in high quality)
haha~ i'm so greedy
gather all beautiful thing in the website
if they can sell, it is apreciate for my website
otherwise, it is still a pleasure to read a beautiful website
Hope it will success more than i expected

2010年6月6日 星期日

Sorry, my blog!

It is the second time i visit this blog
it is during the lesson that is talking the e-promotion of E-shop
and i visit this blog again
and find out.............I TOTALLY FORGET THIS BLOG
i totally not remember i posted the first article in this blog
i just know i have an account in Google

SORRY~ BLOG~ i'll post more thing on it